Mobile & Desktop Software Development

Creating mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. From native to hybrid apps.

High Speed Digital Design

Creating digital PCBA design for your products, creating complete product design

Embedded Systems Firmware

Providing end-to-end solutions for hardware and software products


Cross Platform Mesh Network Implementation

Main target of this project is to create own implementation of mesh network environment...

Mesh Network Router

To implement flexible mesh network node we created custom Linux based device that has two...

Mobile Application for Local Businesses Discount Service

Application for IOS and Android that brings you discount offers from your favorite local...

High Speed Media Network Extension Board

Core project for our extension boards consists of media switches connected by...

Human Body Measurement and Virtual Fitting Room

Application for IOS (iPad, iPhone) that allows measuring human body parameters after...

Smart Measurement System (IoT)

This project consists of two types of devices (Hubs and Sensors), server side that...

Wi-Fi and IEEE 802.15.4 Cape for Beaglebone Black

Extension board for Beaglebone Black that adds Wi-Fi and IEEE 802.15.4 radio...

Virtual USB Device Emulation Framework

Task was to create framework that is capable of creating virtual USB devices...

Test Stand for Device Management Software

This is application test environment created for one specific application...

Mobile Phone Service Solution

This is a full cycle product which includes all stages of development and...

Cross Platform Custom Application Server

This was written in C/C++ highly optimized internet server that was serving...

Storage Filter Driver

Device driver that is capable of intercepting operating system writes to...

Hardware Logic Analyzer

Task was to create in-expensive solution for monitoring 4 channels of ...

Windows Audio Stream Recorder

Task was to record any audio stream in the system (Skype, browser audio...

Custom Secure OS Booting System

Project goal was to create software solution for secure operating system...

Switch mode power supply with flyback topology.

The goal of development is to adapt series of 12 watt power supplies to...


Our team is highly experienced, agile and motivated. Delivering service and products that we believe outshine our competitors. We work with a great range of technologies and have built up an ever-increasing client base. We have gained a high level of experience working on small to prestige projects, and are able to attract market leaders, inventors, scientists and other creative individuals and companies.

Client confidentiality and professionalism are paramount to our working practice and as such there are many projects successfully completed not shown in our already extensive online portfolio. We are comfortable working under Non-Disclosure Agreements to protect our clients and their valuable products. We pride ourselves on being capable to assist you all of the way through from the design to direct sales. Our web development and support team working in tandem with engineers and you.


Languages: C/C++, Assembler, Java, Objective-C, VHDL

Compilers: GCC, Microsoft, Keil

IDE: Eclipse, MS Visual Studio, XCode, Android Studio

Platforms: Windows, Linux, IOS, Android, misc. RTOS

Libraries: Boost, STL, MFC, ATL, QT, GTK, OpenGL, DirectX, Cocoa

APIs: DDK/WDK, Win32, Linux (Kernel/User API, NetLink, etc.)

Wireless: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, BLE, ZigBee, IEEE 802.15.4, LoRa

Protocols: USB, RS232, Ethernet, JTAG, I2C, TWI, SPI

Architectures: x86, ARM, AVR, ESP8266, 8051, C166, Microchip PIC

PLD: Xilinx (Virtex, Spartan, CoolRunner)

PCB Design: Altium Designer, Mentor Graphics, Pulsonix

Reverse Engineering: IDA, GDB, WinDbg, OllyDbg, SoftIce, Trace32


Low level PC software development (BIOS, DOS, Windows, drivers) 28 years

Reverse engineering - 26 years

Linux and cross platform software development – 18 years

Embedded software (firmware) development 17 years

Hardware design and digital electronics 16 years

Mobile application development 14 years

High speed digital design 12 years



Director: Ruslan Hudz

Address: 91 Sangley Road, London, SE6 2DX

Tel/Fax.: 02086981121

Mob.: (+44)7585710458